Little Details

I probably jumped the gun a bit when I showed you the built-in desk organization and master closet projects.  What can I say, I got a bit antsy and honestly was proud of my progress.  However, in both of those projects there were little things that I still wanted to complete.

In the closet – we added what I call “steel” (actually brushed nickel) closet rods instead of the wooden dowel rods.

Before Wooden Dowel After - Steel Dowel

Amazing the difference, huh?

OK – call me crazy but I love the simple update.  Not to mention the wooden rod was sagging a bit in the middle.  Perhaps it was all my clothes but I will blame it on the wood.

The next update is a bit more noticeable.

In Progress - Built-in Desk

Built-in After

Added a few more bins and found these fabulous chalkboard labels on Etsy.

Liam is obsessed with writing his name these days so he added his signature to the bottom two bins.

Side note: although I love the chalkboard look I sort of dislike how bleak real chalk appeared so I bought one of these pens.  The chalk “marker” wipes right off with water and it achieves the look I wanted.

Oh and I decided my color scheme on the outdoor furniture project.  But this time I will wait to share until the final project is completed.  And because the cushions I decided on won’t be here until JULY 1st!  I know, I can’t stand the wait but I think it will be worth it.  Stay tuned.

HAPPY MONDAY everyone.

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