Anthropologie Inspiration

The other day when having lunch with Jill, we were of course talking about our latest design projects. I was asking her opinion about the ideas I had for master bedroom color combos, and she suggested I look at Anthropologie for inspiration. I totally agree with her that while Anthropologie sometimes has home ideas that are a bit too feminine for family households, they just have an amazing way of pairing colors and styles.

So I took a look, and I’m so glad I did!! The furniture in my room is painted black and has brushed nickel hardware. I just painted them a couple years ago, so I’m definitely not doing it again any time soon. I mentioned before that I’m painting the walls a creamy white, so I wanted to figure out what accent colors to use that weren’t completely expected. I kept coming back to mint and corral, but I couldn’t figure out exactly how I wanted to incorporate them into the room. And I didn’t know if they were the right combo with black.

Check out this fabulous sheet set.

Anthropologie Sheet Set

Anthropologie Sheet Set


And I’m loving this neon corral throw pillow. I might have to get one or two.

Mint and Corral - Anthropologie

Mint and Corral – Anthropologie

Finally, how pretty is this (it’s photo #5 by the way if you want to look through all of them)??? I love how they pair the corral cover with black and white sheets. All of that in front of a corral wall with a mind accent is enough inspiration to solidify that color combo for me.

Mint, Corral, and Black Anthropologie Inspiration - www.middleredefined Mint, Corral, and Black Anthropologie Inspiration – http://www.middleredefined/caption

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