Closet = Jewelry Box

Nesting issue part II – (see part I here) – I decided to clean out our closet and add a little glitz along the way.

Aside from organizing and purging (which I think is necessary once a year minimum) I desperately needed to update the light fixture in our closet.  (I don’t want to talk about the popcorn ceiling.  I know it is awful but I deal with it).  Hence why beautiful lighting is a must in every room.

Closet Light Before

I have been holding on to a vintage chandelier that was gifted to me from a friend when I lived in California oh about 6 years ago.  I honestly had forgotten about it because it was stored away in a hat box.  A few fixes and my electrician (the mister) hung this beauty.

Closet Light After

Glitz + Glamour = exactly what the closet needed.

Five additional details of the closet now that the lighting was up to par to achieve the jewelry box effect:

  1. High Gloss Paint – I chose “Tiffany” robin egg blue
  2. Fun Fabric – to infuse funk
  3. Fabulous Flooring – I chose a zebra animal print
  4. Standard hangers – I used the Real Simple hangers in black – it is amazing the difference just using the same hangers through out a closet can do to instantly update your closet
  5. Beautiful organization boxes – for scarves, jewelry, hats, misc. items

Closet Collage

Closet Collage 2

Moral of the story – do not neglect your closet.  On an organizational front – purge items you have not worn in the last 6 months – year or if they just look tired.  Try color coding your clothes – this helps putting an outfit together quickly.  Think of your closet as your jewelry box – where you can use high gloss paint, animal print, crystals and funky fabrics all in ONE.

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