Settee Love

I have always loved settees. They just look so comfortable and almost romantic to me for some reason. And I’ve always wanted to get one for my house but haven’t had the right place for it – until now. In my master bedroom, I have a sitting room that right now just holds a desk, a dresser, and a side table. Sort of a jumble of furniture. As part of my bedroom and bathroom update, I’m adding this settee to one wall, putting my current small side tables on either side of it, setting some fun throw pillows on it, and covering the wall above it with art and family photos.

Settee for Master Bedroom Update - Settee for Master Bedroom Update –

I can’t wait to see how it turns out. And I’m so excited to finally be able to use a settee! I bought the one above from Overstock, and I got it during their Memorial Day Sale for $230 – a steal for a piece of furniture like this!

Do you love settees as much as I do?

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