Yard Work – Take One

Needless to say, I have always been the anti-work-in-the-yard type.  My oldest brother actually jokes when I am outside doing any sort of work that I am lost because it has never been my thing.  Don’t get me wrong, I am not opposed to getting my hands dirty but I have no idea when it comes to planting or growing anything outside.

I killed a cactus in college.

That is hard to do.  But apparently not for me.

SO, the past couple years I have left all the yard work up to the mister and he has been giving me subtle hints about landscaping and getting into landscaping.  Never worked.  We would drive my neighborhoods of beautifully landscaped yards and I wouldn’t pay attention in the least bit.  (Sorry babe.)

For some reason I decided to pay more attention to it and I actually went with him to look at plants and flowers.  It is sort of addicting.

Granted this is only a couple days out now so everything is blooming and alive but I am rather excited about the results.

Flower Collage 2

Shrub Collage

Flower Collage

Two Flower

Pretty isn’t it?!  I can’t say I have a green thumb by any means but I do love what I am seeing when I pull into our driveway and look outside.

Best yet, you can cut fresh flowers and bring them inside to enjoy!


I would love to hear your favorites…What flowers, shrubs or landscaping do you love?

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