Master Bedroom Redesign Commenced!

This past weekend I finally started working on the redesign of our master bedroom. The first two steps: 1) Order bathroom tile; and 2) Start painting. I decided to go with a creamy white for our bedroom walls, and I was able to get about half of the painting done. My plan is to hopefully finish up this next weekend – we’ll see how that goes. The bathroom will get a different wall color, which I’ll share as we get further along.

I also had to make the final decision on which tile to go with for our bathroom. Remember from my “Master Bedroom Inspiration” post that we have carpet in our bathroom??? Again, I have no idea why builders ever decided to do that. As you can see from the shot below, we have standard 12×12 tile around our bathtub. So instead of trying to match that tile, which would be difficult, we wanted to go with something that looked a bit more like wood flooring to create some contrast.

You can see our top three choices at the bottom of the rediculous carpet up the side of the bath tub.

Tile Choices

Tile Choices

As you can see, one is almost white, one takes on an oak look, and the larger of the three has more of a reclaimed wood feel. Since our woodwork, vanities, and counter tops are all white, we nixed the creamy tile. It would have blended a bit too much.

Closeup of Tile Finalists

Closeup of Tile Finalists

When comparing the other two, I preferred this one since the greyish hue blended well with the standard tile around the bathtub. So that was the winner.

Tile for Master Bath Redesign - Tile for Master Bath Redesign –

And the best part is that our local tile shop was running a Memorial Day weekend sale, so we got it all 20% off! If you’re wondering what we’re doing with that crazy carpet running up the side of the bathtub, that will end up being wood.


Really excited that this project is finally under way. Can’t wait to be able to share more photos once we make some more progress!

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