Mother’s Day Lunch

My husband, Trent, and I are very lucky to live in the same city as both of our moms as well as Trent’s lovely grandma. Our moms are so incredibly generous and help us out a great deal with our son because we both travel a lot for work. So we decided to treat the entire family to a Mother’s Day lunch as a small token of gratitude for all they do for us.

Here are some fun photos of the setup, and I’ll share recipes later this week.

On one table, I used floral placemats with my antique red and white dishes. I didn’t add glasses to the tables because I like to set all glasses and drinks up together so people can just pick and choose what they want.

Table Setup

Table Setup


We had 14 people total, so that required two full tables for everyone to sit comfortably. On the other table, I used gold and silver chargers along with white plates. In the center of the table, I grouped similar-colored flowers together in old teal mason jars.

Mother's Day Lunch -

Mother’s Day Lunch –

Each person got his or her very own saucer filled with olive oil and parmesan to dip bread in.

[caption id="attachment_588" align="alignleft" width="768"]Antique Dishes Antique Dishes

We did buffet-style food along our kitchen island. I have to say, the chicken piccata was a hit!

Food Setup

Food Setup

Hope all the mothers reading this had as fabulous of a Mother’s Day as we did. Ours was full of food, family, and sunshine. For me, that was one of the best gifts I received – along with the homemade necklace my son made me.

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