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While I do think space planning, large item selection and color palette are the key essentials to a successful room – accessories can make or break a room.  I get asked by friends and family often about accessorizing tips so I want to share one of those tips with you.

This tip features a very simple way of displaying books while keeping a monochromatic color palette.  In our living room I decided to a neutral color palette – mainly because we have beautiful built ins that we refinished with a dark stain to highlight.  The thought of having large massive built-ins can be overwhelming and books of all colors and shapes could be distracting and overbearing considering I wanted to stay true to this monochromatic feel while filling the shelves with collectables and treasured items.  Main objective – keeping the shelves simple and clean while carrying the color palette.

One option could have been buying a beautiful linen fabric and covering each book – but this would take a lot of time and effort.  I wanted a simple solution…so I turned the books around to make the book pages the bulk color visible.

Flip books around to keep monochromatic neutral palette.

Flip books around to keep monochromatic neutral palette.

This works great for paper back books but even with the hardback color books I like the look turning the books around.

Hardback Books - Monochrome Look

Hardback Books – Monochrome Look

Of course this makes finding books a bit more difficult because you can’t see the title of the book – Simple tip: sort the books by topic.

Don’t get me wrong I am HUGE lover of COLOR and the large coffee table books I do adore, but for this room I wanted to carry a monochrome feel and this simple trick was the perfect solution.

Accessorizing Bookshelves - Simple but stylish

Accessorizing Bookshelves – Simple but stylish

I also like to store my extra pillow covers because they are too beautiful to store and hide in a closet.  Also extra incentive to redo the living room soon – next time around to infuse more color.  And I am dying to use my new Kelly Wearstler pillows.  It should be crime not to have those puppies out.

Accessorizing - Bookshelves - Accessorizing – Bookshelves –

More on storage ideas for hiding the kiddos toys and other accessorizing tips soon!  What is your best bookshelf accessorizing tip?

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