Simple Note – DIY Art Project

I am all about simple DIY projects and I cherish meaningful art pieces.  Last year Valentine’s Day I wanted to create something unique and meaningful for the mister and to a better job at acknowledging one of  his main “love languages”.  Words of affirmation is a huge “love language” of his – so, I went to work on a very simple DIY that did the trick.

DIY Meaningful Art Project -

DIY Meaningful Art Project –

A simple “I ____ you because…” fill in the blank.  This can be  filled in with “I appreciate you because…” or “I love you because…” or get a little saucy with “I want you because…”  Hopefully not too many “I loathe you because…”  or “I am angry at you because…”

This project is SO incredible simple.  Buy a frame – I love square frames for this project.  Pick up a sheet of scrapbook paper that fits the frame size.  I used 12×12 and in total this cost me 12 dollars.  I have a set of typewriter inspired stamps that I use on many projects and I chose to emboss these letters individually (I have a secret obsession when it comes to embossing – more on this in later posts).  But, if you haven’t tried embossing to make your own thank you notes or stationary you are missing out.  So simple!

Once you emboss or stamp “I ___ you because…” you frame the paper and then you write on the outside glass with dry erase markers.  SO EASY!

I added the “XO” to the end where we usually sign our names and this hangs in our laundry room next to our mail / key drop off.  This is a place where the mister and I walk into every single day and these little notes really make me smile.

DIY Art - Meaningful Art Project

DIY Art – Meaningful Art Project

My favorite to date – which I secretly took a picture of…

[caption id="attachment_380" align="alignnone" width="640"]Favorite " because..." DIY Meaningful Art Favorite “I…you because…” DIY Meaningful Art

While I have a hopeless romantic as a husband this little board is easy for me to leave messages to him so I much better at telling him my appreciation / love by a simple note on a more regular basis.

I have actually gifted this to friends of mine who were getting married as a shower / wedding gift.  If anyone would like to “order” one comment and let me know I would be happy to put my embossing skills to work and send it your way!

Cheers to spreading the love with this simple DIY project and showing your appreciation to your loved ones!


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