Fearlessly Made: New Blog

We’ve featured my friend Brianne a couple times on our blog because she has adorable style that’s right up the Redefine alley. And she and her friend Kayla recently started their own blog! So now we get to hear from her regularly and see all the fun projects she does around her house. Check out Fearlessly Made when […]

Industrial Shelf Update

Remember when I bought this gem last year at the West Bottoms flea market? She got a bit of an update this weekend. When we first got it, one of the levels was a bit more rusty than the rest, so we decided to remove it. I actually like the height of it better now. […]


DIY – Artwork Turned Bulletin Board

Often times we have great pieces around the house, it just takes a bit creativity, imagination, and some TLC to morph it into a new piece.  A perfect example is a once art piece that I stumbled upon at Hilary’s house while Erica and I were recently there to help her with her dining room […]

Wine Cellar

About six months ago, my husband decided he really wanted to create a wine cellar in our basement. That space stays really cool no matter what time of year, so we wouldn’t need any tempurature control. We have a random small storage room that’s too tight to hold much, so it ended up being the perfect […]

Duct Tape DIY’s

So I came across decorative duct tape at Target the other day, and I just kept thinking that I needed to buy one. Why? I have no idea. It just seems like something everyone should have, right? This rediculous need to buy some navy and white chevron duct tape made me do a little searching […]

Welcome Baby Norah

Our friend Molly is having a precious baby girl. In fact, she’s due this very weekend!! A few weeks ago, we threw Molly a “sprinkle.” For those of you who aren’t familiar with this term, a sprinkle is a baby shower for moms who have already had at least one child. They are a fun […]


Family Organization Board

I hope the Easter bunny was good to all.  He sure was good to our family. Liam, adorned with his snake face painting experienced Pop Rocks for the first time.  The look on his face is priceless…woah, what is going on in my mouth right now look of amazement.  His first response, “this is awesome!”.Dax […]

Birthday Gift Ideas

Happy birthday week to you Miss Jill! You turned one year older and better on Monday! As one of the most creative people I know, searching for gifts is incredibly fun and challenging! Here are some of the top contenders, but you don’t get to know what you get until we get together to celebrate! […]

Kelly Wearstler-inspired DIY Art

So remember when I told you that I was going to have my little man do an abstract painting for me – inspired by Kelly Wearstler? Well, we got some free time a couple weekends ago, and he got to work! Of course, he decided it was necessary to strip down to his undies to […]

Jewel Tones

My sister-in-law is moving into a new apartment, so we’ve been talking a lot about how she wants to decorate it - I know you’re shocked. Tessa gravitates toward jewel tones, so we’re searching for the right throw pillows and art to bring her style into the new space. Here are some of her Pinterest faves… I’m loving […]

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